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Does the R5Grip work with all phone cases?

The R5Grip will work with most phone cases. For the best experience we recommend a flat smooth case.

Can I remove the R5Mount and re-attach it to a different case?

The R5Mount has a strong durable 3M adhesive, and just like most phone accessories it is a one-time stick. The adhesive is meant to stick and not come off easily. We recommend you order an additional R5Mount for another case.

Is it difficult to snap together?

After purchasing the R5Grip you will notice for the first few “snaps” that you will need to press firmly. The patent pending technology is strong, after a breaking in period the snapping will become easier.

Will the R5Grip stick to my car mount?

Yes, the magnetic aspect of the R5Grip will connect with most existing magnetic car mounts.

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